We own a test hall of 400 m² in which various experimental plants can be settled. The hall is connected to natural gas and has a capacity for flue gas evacuation and heating dissipation for 2 MW combustion plants. We also have 300 kW to 2 MW experimental plants which are unique in France and probably in Europe and stationary or mobile means of measurements.

Experimental plants

Liquid fuels boilers

We have in our premises two liquid fuel boilers, one of 400 kW and the other one of 2 MW.

GAS and Light distillate boiler

We currently install in our premises a burner for testing gas and light distillates on a 400 kW boiler.

Solid products pyrolyser

On PROVADEMSE platform we have a pyrolyser that allow to treat up to 100 kg/h of polluted soils. It is also in capacity to process other products.


Boiler for solid products - Litters & digestates

In the premises of our poultry farmer partner, Mr Jean Michel CHOQUET, we have a boiler for solid products, especially with high content of nitrogen and ashfull ones. It was developed for poultry litter combustion but can also be used for other similate products such as mathanisation digestates.


Measurement material

We are albe to mobilise different types of materials for measurements on our or clients equipements for audits. These materials can be devided in 3 groups: gas combustion analyser, flue gas temperature measurements and skin temperature measurements. When we go on sites with chemical or bad combustion risks, we also use ambience analysers (generally CO and H2S).



GAS combustion analyser

For flue gas analysis and combustion quality evaluation, we use combustion analysers. Our combustion analysers can measure depression on flue gas duct, oxygen content after the flame, temperature by nude thermocouple as well as concentration in several pollutants (CO, NOx, SOx, dusts).



succion pyrometers

Flue gas temperature measurement in combustion chambers require some precautions. Indeed, the temperature sampled with a simple thermocouple will not be equal to flue gas temperature but will also be influenced by radiative exchange with the walls of the chamber which usually have lower temperature. In order to measure flue gas temperature without radiative influence, we work with dedicated pyrometers.



thermal camera

In order to measure skin temperatures of furnaces and boilers, we equiped ourselves with a thermal camera able to measure hot points up to 650 °C.

When composition and temperature of the flue gases is well known, it is also possible to measure tubes skin temperatures in boilers and furnaces.

For liquid bath temperatures, we have partners where we can borrow optical parameters for measurements campains.