In Atanor team, without its subsidiary Atanor Industries, include six poeple: one manager, trois engineers and two poeple in charge of design office. Here is a brief description of each one of us.

Gérard Martin, manager

Gérard Martin, ENSIC engineer, doctor INPL, is specialized in process engineering and technological development. He works for more than 30 years in energy and environment field. Between 1983 and 2003, he hold several positions at IFP Energies Nouvelles (French Petroleum Institute), from research engineer up to department manager. He initiated and conducted more than 50 national and international R&D projects that resulted in market placing of innovative processes and equipements (burners, boilers, furnaces, gas turbines, flue gas treatments, waste product thermal treatments). He wrote more than 60 patents, several dozen of publications, and more recently a guide for heating plant operation. He also teached in universities and engineering schools, in France and abroad. He is currently manager of Atanor et Exedia societies.


Bruno Adam, development engineer

Bruno ADAM, engineer from EEIGM in Nancy, is spécialist in material science (metals, polymers, glasses and ceramics). Its abilities extend also to chemical and energy engineering. Within Atanor, he is in charge of several development projects for energy production from bioressources. He develops especially the poultry litter boiler dedicated to poultry farmers.


Stéphane Préau, develpment engineer

Stéphane PREAU is an ENSMA engineer and Doctor in mechanics and energy at Paris VI University. Before joining Atanor in 2011, he worked by CRYOSPACE (GIE AIR LIQUIDE/EADS), in development of some parts of the rocket ARIANE 5. Within Atanor, he is mainly responsible for combustion R&D projects as well as enginering et audits.


Pierre Ozanam, development engineer

Pierre OZANAM is engineer from Centrale Paris, in energy, thermal engineering and combustion. Within Atanor, he is mainly responsible  for special processes (pyrolysis etc.), R&D projects as well as enginering et audits.


Pierre Chaussée, design office

Pierre CHAUSSEE est draughtsman holder of a DUT in Production and Mechanical Engineering at Angoulême Technical University Institute. Within Atanor, he is in charge of conception, plan and technical documents redaction, plants assembly, tests and measurement.


Lucas De Simone, design office

Lucas DE SIMONE est draughtsman, holder of a DUT Energetical Engineering in Lyon 1 University. Within Atanor, he is in charge of conception, plans and technical documents redaction, plants assembly, tests and measurement.