Energy production and thermal treatments are multi disciplinary fields. In order to extend the scope of our services, we have bound through the yeard relationships and partnerships based on same values and complementary skills with reputed players.

Partner Companies

  • ALSACIENNE DE MECANIQUE (maintenance et manutention d'équipements industriels)
  • AMARISK (assessment studies)
  • AXENS (energy audit of refineries dans petrochemical sites, feasability studies)
  • ATANOR Industries (ATANOR subsidiary in charge of study and supply of DeNOx facilities)
  • COGEBIO (supplier of gaseification processes)
  • COMPTE-R (supplier of biomass boiler)
  • CORETEC (industrial fluids: hot water, thermal fluid, steam etc.)
  • ENOGIA (supplier of ORC machines - Organic Rankine Cycle, electricity cogeneration at low temperatures)
  • ERATEC (conception and supply of porous support gas burners)
  • ERMEL ENERGIE (electric studies, electric production systems)
  • OLEO-DECLIC (collect and treatment of used food oil)
  • TOTAL (partnership agreement in flue gas treatment and energy efficiency)
  • WEISS (supplier of biomass boiler)

Labs and reasearch centers

  • AXELERA (competitive cluster in environmentalism and chemical processes field)
  • CM2T Ingénierie (CRITT laboratory specialized in metallurgy)
  • IFP Energies Nouvelles (reasearch organism in energy, environmentalism and transport fields)
  • LERMAB (experimental means for biomass and waste products combustion study as well as conversion to biofuels)
  • PROVADEMSE (center of competences and ressources in wastes sustanable management)