Our clients, either laboratories, SME or big industrial companies work in very various sectors, each one having its own process, constraint, priorities and procedures. With such diversity, our expertise can apply to all but our approach adapts to each one.



Oil & gas

We offently work in oil and gas field, especially through refinery energy audits.


Clients : TOTAL, AXENS, IFP etc.


We supply turnkey biomass heating systems from feasability studies to facility commissioning.

Boilers we integrate can either be dedicated to standard wood chips or to biomasses with high ash, nitrogen and/or water content.


Clients : Famers, hospitals, boiler manufacturers (COMPTE-R, WEISS)

Waste to energy

With several studies and facility designs in emergent field of SFR (Solid Fuel Recovery), we have a good knowledge of the sector of waste to energy. Waste thermal treatment require skills in conveying, solid combustion, fusible ash conveying and flue gas treatment.


We also can process liquid or gaseous effluents.  We have in this field initiated in France the change of Waste Food Oil status from waste to combustible.


Clients : ADEME, FEDEREC, La Poste, etc.


We are working with many public or private research and innovation structures dealing with thermal processes (pyrolysis, gasification or combustion).

Our activity in this field extend from simple study or facility supply to full R&D support.




Through our subsidiary EXEDIA, that developed with us a poultry litter boiler, we have developped commercial relationships with a large panel of farmers. We have now a good knowledge of this sector, especially in energetical needs and poultry valorisation.



A methanation plant generates a biogas, in some cases with variable composition and variable flow. It also generates a quite humid by-product, the digestate that shoud be burnt or spread.


Biogas and digestate combustion being potentially complex, we propose solution panels from feasability study to turnkey heating system for their recovery.



Autherised to operate on chemical sites (Chemical Risk Certification, level 2), we audit plants, recommand operational modifications and propose investment projects on security, technical and energy efficiency angles.

OTHER industries

We also worked with other industries such as nuclear, sugar, glass, agro-alimentary etc. either for studies, audits or facility supply.


Clients : AREVA etc.