As spécialists of thermal process facilities, we participate on projects of setting up or remodelling of these facilities. We often support other societies whose core business is general engineering, pipework or mechanical engineering.


Services in R&D

Our core competences lie in combustion, heat exchanges and pollutant abatement for any type of fuel.


We propose support services in R&D in order to help our clients to improve their facilities and/or develop new solutions that can meet the highest economical and environmental requirements expressed by the market. 

Tests and scientific calculations

We usually combine a numerical and an experimental approach for development projects. This method is very efficient for maximising chances of succes and reducing costs and can apply to any of our expertise fields: combustion, heat exchange, pollutant abatement or thermoconversions such as pyrolisys and gasification, as well as cogeneration.


For the calculation part, we have means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) such as SATURNE or MFX, process simulation softwares or proprietary tools.


For the experimental part, we have test facilities (some of them being in context of a partnership) for combustion of liquid, solid or gaseous product between 300 kW and 2 MW and for pyrolysis and gaseification processes. We also have mobile data acquisition means (temperature, pressure, gas analysis etc.).