Our services of equipment supply

Pilots and demonstrators

In innovation and development area, scaling up from laboratory up to industrial demonstrator in order to validate technical feasability and commercial interest of a new product is a key step which require R&D and engineering skills. Thanks to more than 35 years experience interfacing laboratories and research centers on one hand and industry on the other one, we have all these competences.


Fatal gas and light distillates recovery

We develop, design, produce and commission complete solutions for energy recovery of fatal gas or light distillated that are contain different pollutants and that have variable flow and composition over the time.


For that, we set up a technology of burners called "porous support", that have excellent combustion performances compared to standard burners, including with strong variations in composition and flow of fuel. 

NOX reduction and flue gas treatment

We design solutions for NOx reduction on furnaces and boilers. NOx can be reduced through several ways:

  • Changing settings of the plant
  • Changing burners for ones with lower NOx production and operating them properly
  • Setting up NOx abatement through SNCR technology (selective non-catalytic reduction)
  • Setting up NOx abatement through SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction)

We help our clients to chose the best solution for their needs, design it and supply it. For SNCR or SCR abatement, equipments are supplied by our subsidiary ATANOR INDUSTRIES.


More generally, we supply solutions for flue gas treatment such as filtration, acid pollutants abatement etc.